So typically this will be a section of my blog where I will be reviewing restaurants I’ve recently encountered. However, as this is review number one, I decided to go with an old favorite. The Rutherford Grill, located in Rutherford, CA, right outside of Napa, is a must see for the weary site-seeing traveler and the Napa Valley aficionado alike. Classic American-style food, prepared in such a way that gives you all the comfort with a tangy twist. Although the wine menu is short, it is well endowed, and the service is great without exception. Well worth every penny! [Those holes in your napkin are for your shirt’s top button]

4.8 Stars
$$-$$$ (of $$$$)
Food to try:

  • Ribs (fall-off the bone)
  • Halibut (when in season), ask for it blackened (not on menu, but fabulous)
  • THE (one and only) artichoke