Whenever Trevor and I have dined out over the course of our marriage, I’ve usually found myself in defensive mode, desperately trying to protect my food from the ogling eyes of The Husband. Not being your typical able-to-eat-a-horse-at-any-given-moment kind of guy, it’s not due to an insatiable appetite. In large part it also has little to do with dissatisfaction with his own meal. You see, I seem to have what he calls a knack for menu selection. Although Trevor primarily attributes this to my willingness to choose the more unique items, I don’t believe I agree. A willingness to try new things is always helpful, but new is not always better….sometimes it’s just new. My trick?

1) Try to decide how you feel before you read the menu
(Do I feel like something light, something savory, something spicy?)

2) Read through the menu and think about a few things that seem like they would fulfill what you’re looking for

3) Once you’ve narrowed it down to two or three things, ask your waiter what he or she would prefer if given these couple of options
(This is really the key. If you ask them what they recommend without any suggestions prior, they may tell you the most expensive item on the menu or have a completely different pallet from yours. Yet, if you ask them to choose between dishes you’ve already determined to have good potential, they should be able to steer you in the better direction of the two. Not only do they work there and eat the food routinely, but are also able to observe others’ satisfaction).

  • Bonus: for all of you indecisive ones, someone else truly chooses your ultimate selection. No more starving away as you try to rack your brain. Huzzah!