There are very few things in my life that I allow to be a total mess. My top two? My purse and the measuring cup drawer. I won’t go into the former, but I feel somewhat excused for the latter. Although measuring cups and spoons alike come on so-called handy little rings to keep them together, it seems as though they break, come apart, or (even worse) are just too hard to undo (and so you opt for dirtying the whole lot of them instead).

My Dad (the ultimate gadget-er) out gadgeted me again! While over at his house the other night, I went to grab a measuring spoon and there it was, the answer to all my woes. (Which Santa must have received word of. They were in my stocking Christmas morning).


Easy to disconnect and stay together.

***Bonus: They’re double-sided for measuring out of different container types: one end shallow/long and the other rounded/deep.