Welcome to my kitchen–or at least what I believe mine would look like had I the space and funds. Upon entering Bistro Jeanty I was struck, not only by the similar preference in style and posters common to both of our dinning areas, but its casual inviting atmosphere. Being a true California girl at heart, I have come to want wonderful delectable food in a restaurant where I’m not concerned about my attire, and Bistro Jeanty is my answer. Although not for the faint of heart when it comes to culinary exploration (bone marrow, rabbit, and the like are welcome on this diverse French menu), those with a more open adventurous palate should be delighted. My selection was the mussels in Red wine (that’s right, I said red), and although a little saltier than I would have liked, the red wine was a refreshing take on a dish that ‘s becoming a quick staple in our home. Would I want to serve it that way from now on? No. Yet, the change of pace was more than welcome. All other appetizers and entrees were perfect (see recommendations below) and their wine list was the same. Only the best quality bottles made their list. An overall great dining experience.

Will Bistro Jeanty become our next Celadon**? Probably not–distance and price being what they are. Yet it’s a shinning reason to travel to the quiet little town of Yountville.

6510 Washington Street
Yountville, CA 94599

4.0 Stars
$$$ (of $$$$)
Food to try:

  • Tomato bisque soup appetizer (with a lovely flaky puff pastry topping)
  • The Rib eye
  • Lemon curd tart with meringue (wonderfully tangy)

**See “A very merry un-V-Day” post