Along with my trip to Bistro Jeanty, my birthday heralded another gastronomic delight. The above Chef’n Palm Peeler was a present from some thoughtful friends. With my thanks, I was sworn to a promise of an honest review. So here goes:

Compact, comfortable, and chic, this tool won an International Design Excellence Award for 2007. This little item was supposedly more ergonomically correct and easier to use than traditional peelers. Usually a whole foot taller due to my cemented stance upon my soap box (as always eager to wax on about everything under the noun category), I was taken aback to feel only indifference after my experience with the peeler.


  • snug fit which ensures a safe peel
  • blade cover also ensuring a safe grab from the utensil drawer
  • no need to grip a handle required
  • variety of fun colors available


  • peeling seems to take a bit longer
  • precision is obstructed due to the blade being under the palm of your hand as opposed to in plain site
  • can become more easily clogged than traditional peelers

In the end I found that as a user in my mid-twenties who likes things quick and easy to see, I still prefer my good ol’ peeler. However, for those with children wanting to help in the kitchen, with arthritic hands, or who have never seemed to master the art of peeling, this tool might make you re-think taking on that roasted root vegetable soup you’d been eying. But that’s just my opinion. If you asked my husband he’d probably say that it’s the tool for me too (he thinks I’m a bit accident prone).