I have a confession…. we probably only eat beef a couple of times a year at our house (maybe less). That’s not to say we don’t eat other red meat (lamb, deer, etc). But even then, meat isn’t exactly a house staple. My poor husband, the ultimate carnivore, believes that it isn’t a meal unless meat is on the table. For four years I’ve tried (to no avail) to persuade him otherwise with grilled vegetables, pasta, polenta, and of course, salads.

Last night I had a breakthrough. On the way back to our rental from a long day’s work on our newly purchased home, Trevor called and asked me to pick up “dinner.” I’m thinking “ug” this probably means pizza…but no. He asked me to swing by Safeway to get the makings of a salad. If I can win him over, the rest of you are a piece of cake.

So, here is the beginning of a new series dedicated to making simple salads that are sure to be a hit side dish or a full meal. The key to a good salad?

Keep it fresh,
Keep it creative,
Keep it simple.

Here is the salad I made last night:

2 Nectarines, chopped
Mixed baby greens
Feta cheese
Toasted Pecans, coarsely chopped

Dressing (way simpler, cheaper, and better than you thought):

1 clove chopped garlic
1 t. good mustard
1 t. salt
1 t. good honey
1/2 t. pepper
3 T. Red wine vinegar
Mix with a fork or whisk in a small bowl and slowly drizzle in Extra Virgin Olive Oil until it is the consistency of a vinaigrette. (taste for seasoning)