My cat has seen her share of turkeys.  When my husband and I were renting out in the country, they came dashing through our yard at all times of day.  Yet, when I went to brine our turkey this year, her look was nothing short of dumbfounded.  Our turkey was rather large, weighing in at around 22lbs.  The whole time I was brining and cooking/basting the turkey she kept trying to look over my shoulder to get a peek!  All I could think about was cleaning up cat throw up if I turned by back too long–not exactly something I would have thought to worry about on Thanksgiving!

And speaking of the best laid plans of mice and men…well, let’s just say they don’t always turn out how we imagine.  Yet despite some minor set backs, overall things went fairy well in the kitchen.  Best of all, it was stress free!  Things I need to remind myself of next year:

1. The turkey always takes longer that you think

2. Make rolls with Gramma again!  (it’s always more fun that way)

3. Trying at least one new recipe is really fun and keeps it interesting

4. Despite how prepared I think I am, things like serving spoons and gravy boats always get forgotten (good thing Karen was there to save the day)

5. Take a walk after dinner to avoid feeling so sluggish (did this last year and felt great, but somehow forgot this year)

All in all, the food was yummy, ready at the same time (even if it was a little later than expected), and the company was warm and thankful. I think our day-after shopping marathon even helped burn off a few of those extra calories (at least that’s what I’m going to tell myself).  I’m so grateful to have so much of my family close by to share the holidays with.img_1462