When I was little, my father used to take 2 weeks or so off of work for Christmas.  You want to know what our family did with all that time?  We baked cookies– lots and lots of cookies.  However, now that we’re all grown and have jobs of our own (none of which provide quite the leave time my Dad had built up over the years), we’ve needed to condense 12 days worth of baking into 12 hrs.  And that’s just what we did this Saturday.  My sister, brother-in-law, step-bro, Dad and Step-mom all got together and made an obscene amount of cookies and candies.  Even though it’s a crazy amount of work, I’m always surprised how joyous it is and how satisfied I feel at the end of it (which I’m sure has everything to do with concentrated family time and a pretty reasonable sugar rush).  This year, we decided to take a lot more notes so we could remember more of the particulars next year, but that also means that I get to share our wonderful little discoveries with all of you.  Here are a few pictures to tide you over, and I promise many cookie and candy recipes will be coming soon.  For the FIRST: please see my Chewy Ginger Cookie post.  It’s always a staple on cookie day and keeps well in a ziplock until you’re ready to share.