Our family friend, Ammie, gave us this recipe years ago.  It’s buttery, nutty, full of chocolate, and breaks easily (to save you from a holiday trip to the dentist with cracked crowns).  It’s so good that every year we’ve made it, we’ve exponentially increased the number of batches we make.  A welcome FIFTH installment to cookie day.

2 cups sugar

1 lb. butter (real)

2 t. vanilla

chocolate chips

chopped toasted almonds

Grease the bottom of a cookie sheet lined with tin foil.  Spread the chocolate chips and almonds over the foil evenly (depending on your taste, you might like more or less.  Typically we use about 2 cups each).  In a heavy large sauce pot, cook the butter, sugar, and vanilla over med-high heat, stirring constantly.  After 5 min, turn heat down to med.  The mixture will separate, then turn a creamy white.  Continue stirring until brown and just starts to get bubbly.  As soon as it starts to smoke (about 300F), remove IMMEDIATELY from heat and pour over chips and almonds.  Let cool and break into desired shape and size.