OK, so I stumbled across this great blog (that I’m totally adding to my “must reads”) and low and behold, she was making BUTTER.  That’s right.  I said MAKING BUT-TER.  Now, if you were a good little girl like I was, you probably at some point went into the kitchen to help Mom, Grandma, or whoever, make whipped cream for pumpkin pie, jello, etc.  And if your experience was anything like mine, I’m pretty sure you were told “Don’t over-whip it!  You’re not making butter!”  Well guess what: we’re making butter now and it’s goooooood.  Have fun.  Here’s the link.  For some reason URL doesn’t save where you’re at, so it’s under “top 10” on the right side.   Oh, and added bonus? You get buttermilk from the residual liquid.  We’re not a wantin’ because we’re not a waistin’.