Confession: I hate egg poachers.  I fell like they make it impossible to get it just right.  A perfectly poached egg needs to be warm throughout, the white must be all the way set, and the yolk a slightly thick, runny custard-like consistency.  It’s a specialty in our house and my husband and I have a constant competition going on to see who can make the best one.  Sure, they might not be quite as perfect looking, but I love them all the more for it.

To poach an egg:

Bring water in a saucepan just barely to a boil.  Don’t let it boil rapidly–if it does, just turn the temp. down until it’s simmering.  Then crack the egg and very, very slowly let it slide down into the water.  With a wooden spoon begin to flip the straying ends of the white back on the yolk.  Continue until cooked, about 2-3 min.  Then with a slotted spoon, or if you’re talented with the same wooden spoon, and lift the egg out of the water and drain any excess away.  Serve over toast, English muffin, etc.