This past weekend, I celebrated my birthday.  My wonderful husband took me to see Wicked (the musical) in San Fransisco with a bunch of friends and then I left the following morning to go on a girls weekend to Ashland, OR.  If you don’t know what’s in Ashland—-well, you’re missing out, as it has one of the best state-side Shakespeare festivals.  As this has little to do with food (except for all the lovely things we consumed while we were there), you might be wondering why I’m recaping all of this.  Well, one of my birthday presents on our trip was this amazing pot:castironpot1

It’s not only beautiful, but it is coated cast iron.  It browns, it sautes, it is perfect for soup, roasting small chickens, holding a casserole, etc.  It goes from stove to oven in a single swoop and cleans up wonderfully.  As they are a bit heavy, I find that this 6.5 qt. size to be perfect for everyday use (unless you’re a family of 8…or just have teenage boys).  Thanks Dad and Karen!

**The picture doesn’t do the pot justice.  It is a deep red that gets darker towards the bottom of the pan.