What can I say?  I’m in love.

This sandwich looked great on paper, but it wasn’t until I saw its beautiful colors and tasted its sweet, zingy goodness that I really knew—I was head over heals.  It’s simple, it’s fast, and in about a month everything but the cheese will be coming out of my garden.  Don’t let the lack of meat deter you either, it’s extremely filling.  Sandwich, I love you.**

Ciabatta Bread, Sliced
2 Zucchini, Sliced into flat strips
1 Red Bell Pepper, Cut into fourths
3 oz Goat Cheese
Some sort of whole grain mustard (Dijon will also work)
Olive Oil

Warm up your grill (outdoor or indoor on a grill pan) to med-high heat.  Drizzle veggies with Olive Oil and sprinkle with Salt and Pepper.  Place on grill and cook for 8 min on each side (or until Zucchini is tender and bell peppers are soft).  Remove veggies from grill and lightly brush bread with oil.  Grill bread for a couple of minutes on each side.  Spread one side of bread with goat cheese and the other with the mustard.  Layer the veggies and savor every little bite.

**Dear Husband,
Please don’t feel sad.  I still love you more.
– Me