My niece’s first birthday is on May 2nd.  Since my sister asked me to make the cake, I wanted it to be something fabulous.  The only problem is that I’ve only made a handful of cakes in my life and all have been pretty generic.  Ok, well there was this one time that I made a 3-D pumpkin, but I was in Jr. High so I don’t think that counts.  After figuring out in my head the design, I realized that I wanted to employ the use of Fondant.  This became problem number two.  I’ve NEVER worked with fondant aaaaaand pretty much hate the way that store-bought tastes.  So, I went looking around the web for a recipe and stumbled across this one* for Marshmallow Fondant.  It was supposed to be relatively easy to work with and taste great.  Anything is worth a shot, right?

Last night I did a trial run to see what it was like to make and work with.  It was a bear to knead at first, but other than that I was very pleased with the result (see side-by-side comparison above with non-fondant cupcake).  Now to dye it….

*Want to give it a go?  Check out the link above.