Although I haven’t been posting much about it lately, I’m here to tell you that I’m still holding up to my New Year’s resolution to conquer my fears and bake things that scare me.  Yeast bread has always been a little daunting, but the true bogeyman of the bread world to me has always been sourdough.  Maybe this is an aversion to responsibility in having to keep the yeast/bacteria colony alive.  It may also be that I live so close to San Fransisco, the True hub of all sourdough bread making, and thus have anxiety about measuring up (if you’ve tasted good sourdough, then you know what I mean).

This was what I made a few nights ago.  The starter that I used was only a few days old, so it didn’t have quite the flavor that it will in a few weeks, but was still very good.  The Bread Maker’s Apprentice has been a great resource that I would highly recommend.