I need help.  Not  that kind of help, the kind that helps me get things done.  If you’ve ever asked yourself how do I [fill in the blank]*, it’s because I have help.  Anything I do that turns out well, looks clean, or simply is accomplished, I’ve had help.  I hate to admit this, as I too often love to think of every little victory as my own, but there it is.  OK, so I may not have little shoe elves, or fairies, or that sort of help, but I do have:

  1. Great family members, volunteering physical labor, ideas, and phone consultation
  2. Great friends, often functioning as family
  3. Good neighbors, who let me try crazy recipes out on them, and build sheds, and whatnot
  4. Lovely Cookbooks, that are full of ideas and guides
  5. A great library system, lending many helpful books
  6. People who actually read this blog and keep me feeling sane
  7. A comfortable bed
  8. A few very nice gadgets (non of them uni-taskers)

I was thinking about all of you when I was making salsa a few days ago and looked down to see the pulse function on my food processor had completely warn off.  Sad in some ways, but really a great time to think about all the wonderful things it had helped me to make and all the help I get from likely and unlikely sources.  You know who you are.  Thank you.  I love you all.

*Some of the things in the blank: get ready in the morning (thank you husband for the wake up pokes), watch so many movies (thank you Netflix), keep such a high level of sugar intake without going comatose (thank you hereditary low blood sugar)…and on and on.