pb rice crispies

Now I know you’re thinking, “Wow, that looks like a lot of peanut butter.”  Well, it is.  But if you look closely, it’s also almost double the amount of rice krispies that are in a normal recipe of treats.  I usually make the equivalent of a double batch in one pan.  Who likes thin, flimsy rice krispy treats?  Not me, that’s who.  When I eat one of these bad boys I want to feel like I’ve conquered the world—–or at least breakfast.  Gram for gram, they have the exact same calorie content as their bland counterparts and have a little protein to help you on that sugar trip you’re about to get on.*  But let’s be honest with ourselves: if we wanted something healthy, we’d be grabbing for the carrot sticks right now, not krispie treats.  So let’s get on with it and make something wonderful.

3/4 Cup Peanut Butter
15 oz Mini Marshmallows
9 oz box of Rice Krispies

Yes boys and girls, that’s right— no butter (except for fork greasing).  There’s plenty of oil in that peanut butter to keep everyone happy.  Those other recipes that have both peanut butter and butter taste, well, greasy.  Gee, I wonder why…

Prep a 9/13 backing sheet with spray vegetable oil (or two 9×13 pans if you like those flimsy things we were talking about earlier).  Take out a fork and some butter or margarine and set aside.  Melt peanut butter and marshmallows over med heat, stirring until smooth and completely melted. Working quickly, mix in the rice krispies until evenly coated and dump into the 9×13 pan.  Dip the back of your fork in the butter and use it to squish down and spread the treat mix throughout the pan.  If the fork starts to stick again, re-dip.  Allow to cool and cut into desired size square.  Congratulations, you’re the new best friend of every peanut butter lover you know.

pb rice crispies2

*These actually have less sugar than a bowl of lucky charms.  Scary, huh?