First, let me just say that I have an awesome husband.  There aren’t a lot of guys out there that will wake up with you on a Saturday morning, go to Home Depot and throw manure in the back of the truck, dig up vegetable beds with you for several hours, help you plant everything, and then….just when you’re about to drop and everything is finally done, will look at you and say, “Good job.  I think I’ll go and paint the laundry room for you now.”

That was my experience yesterday.  After some really hard work, we officially have the following in the ground:

Several colors of Bell Peppers
Several kinds of Hot Peppers
Sugar Snap Peas

We had to, sadly, replace our Meyer Lemon Tree that died during this year’s early frost, but here to keep it company is now an Avocado Tree, Pink Lady Apple, and Free-stone Peach.

From last year, we still have several other herbs, a Lime Tree, Valencia Orange, Strawberries, Arugula (that seeded itself everywhere…note to self, don’t plant in a place where you aren’t ok to let it take over), Thornless Blackberries, and Table Grapes.

Although we haven’t planted our tomatoes or lettuces yet (next weekend), my mouth is already watering for the bountiful harvest I hope to have come in just a few short months.  I was overwhelmed with how satisfying it was to grow my own produce last year.  This year, a little bit wiser, I hope to be able to make even more out of our small space.   My biggest hope is to have everything well established and on its own before baby gets here.