If you don’t like tined, pickled beets, don’t let this recipe put you off.  I don’t particularly care for them myself.  I believe that beets get along much better with the sweet side of things rather than the salty brine that usually accompanies them.  Fresh out of the garden (and free of brine), these bad boys get thrown in the oven (or on the grill) until tender and mixed with bright citrus and tangy feta cheese.  What more could mixed greens ask for?

5-6 beets
1 orange liqueur, peeled and cut into small segments
mixed greens
vinaigrette dressing
olive oil

In a 375F oven, roast the beets, drizzled with the olive oil for about an hour until fork tender. Let cool, peel, and cut into bit-size pieces. Mix with the orange segments, and the ratio of mixed greens and feta desired. Add a splash of your favorite vinaigrette and you have a bright and delicious salad.