Baby Grant is growing so fast!  He’s sitting up on his own and babbling up a storm.  He’s also eating baby food.  So far everything I’ve made has been super easy and can just steam on the stove while we’re eating dinner and be mashed up for the next day.  His favorite so far?  Pears.  The site that’s been most helpful is this:  It has a whole list of what foods are appropriate for which age and various recipes.  The best part is that it tastes SO much better than what’s in those nasty little jars and is very cost effective.  I can’t wait till he can eat finger foods!


Now granted, I haven’t had my baby yet and all my dreams of making my own baby food may quickly get flushed down the drain, but don’t burst my bubble just yet.  In hopes being able to do things a little cheaper and a little healthier, I registered for this book for my baby shower.  After flipping through it, I’m already loving the organization, simple recipes, and little tips.  Each recipe is sectioned out by age group and then has a key in the upper right corner to let you know if it’s freezable, how long it takes to make, and how much it yields.  As the child gets older and their little pallet opens up, the recipes begin to include dishes that I wouldn’t mind making for the whole family.   I’ll keep you updated with how this little experiment goes.