Here we go again.  It’s birthday number 2 for my niece and I’ve been commissioned to make the cake again.  The only problem is that I always want to take advantage of the opportunity to experiment with new things when the pressure for results is on.  Last year it was fondant, and this year it’s melting chocolate and molds.  Since her birthday is Tinkerbell themed, I wanted to do something visually appealing, but fun for the kids too.  So, the two things I needed to make with the melting chocolate were candy letters (for spelling “Rachael-bell”) and fairy wings.  Although letter candy molds are easy enough to find, there really aren’t any fairy wing molds out there for common use.  So here’s what I did:

  1. I drew out a few variations of fairy wing outlines on paper that were the size I was looking for.
  2. I placed a sheet of wax paper over the top of the wing outlines, allowing me to work on a removable surface while still being able to see through to the original outlines.
  3. Melted the chocolate per the instructions on the back of the package (mine were Wilton brand).
  4. Placed the melted chocolate in a disposable pastry bag.
  5. Traced the outline in blue, and then came back and filled in the bulk with white.
  6. Allowed the wings to cool completely, then placed them for about 10 min in the fridge.
  7. I then pulled them off of the wax paper, carefully, and placed them on a cookie sheet to keep them steady and hopefully in-tact.

I have to say that although they aren’t 100% perfect, that melting candy/chocolate is much easier to work with than fondant.  As far as how it holds up, I’ll have to let you know.  Posts of the cupcakes to come soon.